Wednesday, 20 April 2011

.015 / every man should fold a pocket square

It is manifest to everyone that men with shirts are so ''seductive'' and sexy. However, not every man knows how to wear the shirt in a proper way, not to mention do they know how to light up the total look by folding a pocket square. I often see men with very handsome look but wear the shirt in a pretty awful way. For example, the shirts are not fit, not tailor made to be exact. I, however, am not saying that tailor-made goods must be good. I cannot stress enough the importance of getting a shirt that actually fits well. You can manage to squeeze into a variety of sizes, but without the proper fit, the sleeves will leave your wrists exposed if they're too short or will bunch up if they're too long. Moreover, a tight collar will look bad and choke you when you wear a tie. A loose collar will look ridiculous. Make sure the sleeves and collar are the right size to fit comfortably and look sleek. Here comes the way how can you be smarten up by doing a thing, pocket square.

In case you still cannot figure out the proper way on how to fold a pocket square. You can follow the method in the following video.

If you doubt if it is so important to dress in such a formal way? Then it's a high time for you to know about the importance of men’s business shirts.

For a man, the choice of shirt is often one of the most noticeable dress items. Some people say that a business shirt, or dress shirt as they say in the states is the first alphabet of a man’s body language. If you happen to buy the wrong shirt… well the first impression you leave may not always be the best. A careful selection of suitable and matching dress shirt is very important, (sometimes it could be a good idea to get your girlfriend’s advice if this isn’t your strong point!). It’s always important to take into consideration the below six dimensions if you’d dressing to impress; occasion, design, colour, dimension, collar and fabric.


Good luck. I hope you can always make a good impression after reading this entry.

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