Thursday, 14 April 2011

.007 / Prada SS11 is a mixed blessing.

In last year, when I first saw those pictures, I don't really like it to be honest. It's a kind of mixed blessing I guess. Miuccia Prada is good at trying to make new fabric and this totally mirrors on her collection. The SS11 Collection is about hosptial scrubs in no wonder as you can see those clothes are just like the uniform of the doctors as well as the nurses.
However, when it comes to Prada now, what immediately springs into my mind is the iconic shoes that launched in the SS11 Collection. With a thicker crust or a sole, oneself can really walk more comfortable.
This shoe is quite amusing as it has a relatively thicker crust, the form of the shoe is also beautiful. The leather works very prefect with the blue colour and the details.
Here is a man wearing a Prada Sweater and a pair of Prada shoe. It's so awesome and fab!. He is so seductive to anyone. He wears those things with effortless grace which is so prefectly appealing to me.

I am thinking about getting a sweater like the above one because I want to add more colours into my life as I always wear black and grey shirts and tee shirts. It is on no account easy to find some bright colours on my look so I think this is a hightime for me to get some sweater and shoes in sharp and warm colour so as to add more colours on my blook. This summer is going to be a prefect one but the point is that I have no money to buy any new clothes. A big sale can help me I think. TEEHEE!

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