Thursday, 14 April 2011

.013 / film review of The Shopaholics

the cover of the movie, Shopaholics, a Hong Kong movie

Will you feel that you are bound to buy ''something'' back home when you go out to shopping? How much money do you spend on buying things per month? Do you think that you are a shopaholic? I just watched a film called Shopaholics, talking about the life of a girl who are a shopaholic and her love life with two millionaires.

In hopes to help you having a better understanding of the term, shopaholic, here comes the definition of it by Wikipedia.
Shopaholic is a term used to describe individual who consider themselves as addicted to shopping. Shopaholic can also refer to:
A slang term for Compulsive Shopping also known as Compulsive buying disorder
Shopaholic (novels), a series of books written by Sophie Kinsella
Confessions of a Shopaholic (film), a 2009 film adaptation of the The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic, the first book in the Shopaholic novels series
Shopaholic (TV series), a Norwegian television series broadcast by TV3
The Shopaholics, a 2006 Hong Kong film *(the film I just watched)

I really feel so sorry for those having compulsive shopping. They hold firm to their beliefs that they will feel better when they go shopping. This, however, will just worsen the situation. We have to find the root of this problem in order to solve it thoroughly. I do some research on it. I have copied some from the website. You are read the details on the website.

How do I prevent shopping binges?
Pay for purchases by cash, check, debit card. Make a shopping list and only buy what is on the list. Destroy all credit cards except one to be used for emergency only. Avoid discount warehouses. Allocate only a certain amount of cash to be spent if you do visit one. "Window shop" only after stores have closed. If you do "look" during the day, leave your wallet at home. Avoid phoning in catalog orders and don't watch TV shopping channels. If you're traveling to visit friends or reltives, have your gifts wrapped and call the project finished; people tend to make more extraneous purchases when they shop outside their own communities. Take a walk or exercise when the urge to shop comes on. If you feel out of control, you probably are. Seek counseling or a support group such as Debtors Anonymous.
If you have already being treated by your doctor, I do have something to remind you which I learn from this funny movie.
Do not mix up Prozac with Buspar lest the situation may deteriorate.

As one may say, '' More haste, less speed''. Do not be worried if you are a shopaholic. With collective efforts, I am sure the problem can be solved. Good luck!

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