Thursday, 14 April 2011

.008 / shoes are of great importance to every fashion guru.

I super love this pair of shoe. I like the yellow colour, it goes so prefectly match with the soft leather. I want to know which brand is it and I promise I will save up for this. But the point is that my shoe size is 38 so I think I can't get one formal and proper male leather shoe, alternatively, I think I am able to buy one from womenswear because my size is exactly the same size as my younger sister and most of my female classmates.
Prada shoe again. The sharp orange leggings is so match with the shoe. Thumbs up for this and I like the bag as well. It got quite a good shape and so big which is appealing to me because I love to bring myraids of things out such as books, iPod, my phone, my keys and you name it!
It's obviously that they are flirting each other by their shoes. If I were the man, I would add a lot of marks about the woman because her shoes. I can't take my eyes out of it.
They are match and the forms of the shoes are good as well. Such a good pair of couple.
They are so sexy indeed. They are flying, jumping and dancing. I can feel the beat.

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