Thursday, 14 April 2011

.006 / a chance for them to start a new life.

The above picture is the cover of a book published by Zheng Sheng College.
It's school for teenagers who had break the laws or drugs abuse.

Today, 10 of the students and the principal from this school coming to my school to give a sharing in a bid to promote their school and to shape our thinking.
I can see the mercy and the great power of the Lord. This is a Christian School and therefore all students need to learn about God. They believe in God, if not all. They read the bible, sing the songs and pray everyday. Some of them are not friendly before, they will easily get angry. They learnt how to control their tempers in Zheng Sheng College. They figured out that they have to forgive people and to be nice to everyone. Today, they are EXACTLY not a drug abuser no matter in the outlook or the spirtiual. They have turned a new leaf of their lives. God has lead them all the time.

They may face a lot of hardships when they return to the society. Most people may practise desciminations against them. People may gossip them or look down them. I think, however, god has provided them with the best things. They need not to worry about their futures. Just do what they can do because when we do the best, god will do the rest.

They are the future of our community. They may play a central role in our soceity.
So why we didn't give them a chance to have a better learning environment?
They have to bath with cold water even though it's zero degree celsius.
They have to sleep in a crowded space. (even without a pillow?)
When we are enjoying a lot of innovative facilities, try to think about have you used them well?
Did you try your best to be perfect?
Have you wasted those facilities?
Think about it, naive ones.

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